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Photography Portfolio

Kids! you guys interested in having photoshoot/s sked for August?
weekends only though. 
actually, we need to expand our portfolio big time. for you the you-know-what. hehe

i’m having difficulty group messaging recently with my mobile phonebook fucked up. so just reply here or on twitter or facebook. thank you. cheers. 

- Lish 

Friday Night was a-Go!-Go!

the long-awaited and much anticipated meetup was a success! 
where: Mercato, BGC

on behalf of everybody who came, thanks so much and we certainly enjoyed ourselves. till next time! — Tagaytay, Baguio??? LEZZGOOOOOO!

The Mochi Gobble


Ken’s Upstaging Foot!

Comparison of The Clea-vague

The Marvin Meet-Up In Ortigas!

for those who couldn’t come, we missed you and we hope you join us next time. =)
this was long overdue. almost a year since we’ve seen each other last. pwedeng bi-quarterly or quarterly naman?? 

Love You, CA1! 

shameless plugging & recommends

hi Kids! check out, support & follow (if you still haven’t) : 

Kars’ Photography Blog —

JorxKars’ Food Blog —

Lish’s Creative Blog —

if you wish to recommend your multiply sites, blogspots, wordpress, xanga, etc (if you are still active) just inform me. thanks. 

note: feels so good to be able to open this account again. haha

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